More and more people are discovering the benefits of physiotherapy in the treatment of injuries. What is physiotherapy, and how does it help the human body repair itself and promote healing? What types of physiotherapy treatments are available at Abundant Living Chiropractic Center in Lake Park, FL, and what are the benefits? Here's how our chiropractor near you can provide pain relief and help you on the path to wellness.


What Is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a medical treatment regimen designed to put the body in a better position to restore and maintain wellness. It uses natural treatments in the management of pain and discomfort, restores a range of movement, and improves the quality of life. From injury treatments to maximizing health and fitness, physiotherapy helps a patient get involved in their wellness. Physiotherapy does not involve the use of prescription drugs or invasive surgery. It does, however, include natural physical manipulation, chiropractic adjustments, physical massage, and cutting-edge technology to promote healing and functionality.

What Conditions Do Physiotherapy Treatments Address?

Physiotherapy is used in auto accident injury treatment, headache treatment, back pain treatment, neck pain treatment, sports injury pain treatment, at-work injury treatment, and personal accident injury treatments like those that may occur in a slip and fall. It is also appropriate for treating conditions that include fractures and sprains, bursitis, tendinitis, and in the recovery process from orthopedic surgery. Physiotherapy can help in building strength and mobility.

What Type of Treatments Fall Under Physiotherapy?

Chiropractic adjustments, physical manipulation, massages, spinal decompression, and more fall under the umbrella of physiotherapy. Chiropractic insurance can cover expenses associated with physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Physiotherapists provide an array of treatments that can improve range of motion exercises; soft tissue treatments, electrotherapy, heat and cryotherapy, therapeutic ultrasound, and kinesiology taping. Physical exercise is frequently a significant part of physiotherapy.

Learn More About Physiotherapy at Abundant Living Chiropractic Center

If you have questions about chiropractic care and physiotherapy, contact us at Abundant Living Chiropractic Center. We are a chiropractor near you in Lake Park, FL, that can help you live a full life that is pain-free. Reach out and contact us for an initial appointment today. We are here to answer your questions, explain your treatment options, and conduct an initial evaluation and exam. Once uncovering your wellness goals, our team will work to prescribe a plan to help you reach them. Questions about your insurance covering chiropractic care, and more, feel free to reach out to us.

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