Conditions Treated

What conditions can a chiropractor treat? You may be pondering that question while struggling with a condition causing you constant pain. At Abundant Living Chiropractic Center, Dr. Smith can address your concerns. Visit our clinic in Lake Park and let us provide the natural and effective treatment that you need.

Auto Accident Injury Treatment

Car accident victims may sustain injuries such as herniated discs and whiplash. Apart from being painful, those injuries are also known to cause muscle weakness and decreased flexibility. In other words, they can adversely affect your quality of life and even prevent you from getting any work done.

Get auto accident injury treatment and effectively address the symptoms you’re dealing with. We can use spinal adjustments, massage, and spinal decompression to treat your car accident injuries. If you sustained a serious injury like a broken bone or a torn ligament, we can also help with your physical rehabilitation.

Headache Treatment

Headaches can be symptomatic of a whiplash injury. There’s a good chance that your headaches are related to whiplash if they are accompanied by stiffness, muscle weakness, and lingering pain. Massage therapy is an effective form of headache treatment. It can ease the tension around your neck and shoulders to grant you the relief you need.

Neck Pain Treatment

Similar to headaches, your neck pain could also be related to your recent whiplash injury. However, it could also be a byproduct of your poor habits. Slouching at your desk and hunching over your phone are habits that can lead to nagging neck pain. Regardless of how your discomfort emerged, we can provide the neck pain treatment that resolves it. We can even offer tips that will help you avoid developing the same issue in the future.

Back Pain Treatment

Your back may be hurting because one of your spinal discs slipped out of place. A slipped or herniated disc could be the result of direct trauma to the back, or it could also be the eventual result of prolonged wear and tear. So, what kind of back pain treatment can your chiropractor provide in that scenario? Spinal decompression could be the solution you need. The gentle stretching involved in spinal decompression facilitates faster recovery and helps the slipped disc return to its original position.

Insurance Questions about Chiropractic Care

Accessing high-quality chiropractic care should not be an issue if you have a comprehensive insurance plan. Speak to your provider to check if chiropractic care is included in your plan. Paying extra for that coverage will be a great value play on your part.

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