4 Easy Stretches to reduce Neck Pain

Daily living, poor posture, and injury often result in tight neck muscles. If you have neck pain or tightness in your neck muscles, your physical therapist or chiropractor can help prescribe the best exercises to help improve your ability to move your neck fully and with little or no pain. Stretching your neck can have a positive impact on your pain, posture, and overall mobility.

Learn these four gentle neck stretching exercises that your physical therapist or chiropractor may prescribe to decrease muscle tightness. The exercises can be performed while lying on your back (to provided assisted support) or in the seated or standing position.

1. Flexion Stretch: Chin to Chest 

2. Extension Stretch: Eyes to Sky 

3. Rotation: Side to Side 

4. Lateral Flexion: Ear to Shoulder 

Be  sure to check in with your doctor or physical therapist before starting these, or any other, neck exercises.


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