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Improving care with Stacy-Ann Smith, DC

Stacy-Ann Smith DC, who has been practicing chiropractic since earning her degree in 2008, is the owner of Abundant Living Chiropractic Center in Loxahatchee, Florida. At Abundant Living, she reports using visual diagnostics to help her patients daily, utilizing mainly “charts, digital X-rays, model spine, pamphlets and information from the Internet such as exercises for the neck, shoulder, lower back, etc.”

The patient benefit stands out the most to Smith. When it comes to visual diagnostics “elaborating on the patient’s health condition… engages them in their treatment plan.” In other words, by being able to show patients exactly what they need to know in a way that is easy for to understand, they are more likely to become an active participant in their treatment. She has also noticed that this type of interaction makes them “more likely to adhere to their treatment plan,” largely from the enhanced level of knowledge they’ve gained from the visual diagnostics.

Providing these different options makes it easier for Smith to interact with and educate patients about their health condition in various ways. For the patient who prefers to read about a particular condition, pamphlets or websites are great avenues to give the necessary information. On the other hand, for the patient who enjoys visual aids, charts, X-rays, and model spines can help best explain the condition of the musculoskeletal system in a way that is more likely to be understood.

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